This versatile acoustic musical instrument is widely employed in Western classical music, jazz, blues, rock, folk music, and many other musical genres. Pianos are heavy and powerful, yet very delicate instruments. 
Days: Customized
Timings: Customized ( 1 Hour Individual Classes per Student)
Fee: Customized

Trainer: Shalom David

He is a certified music teacher with experience of over 5 years, closely working with students in western music, distinguished by professionalism and perfect communication skills, demonstrated in pleasant personality and effective listening.

Proficiency Offered
* Advanced knowledge in teaching students using various music instruments.
* Proficient with music instrument piano.
* Familiar with western music.
* Comprehensive background in leading all aspects of musical shows and orchestras.

Trainer: Vatsal Bakhda

He is a classically ​trained ​pianist, ​studied ​under ​Roshen ​Gazder, ​LRSM ​for over ​10 ​years, ​and ​Suddhaseel ​Sen ​(Ph.D. ​in ​Musicology) ​for ​2 ​years. Studied ​under ​Pedro ​Carneiro ​Silva ​and ​Gabriel ​Geszti ​at Swarnabhoomi ​Academy ​of ​Music, ​and ​placed ​first ​in ​academics ​in ​all three ​semesters ​of ​study. ​Was ​also ​accepted ​to ​Berklee ​College ​of Music ​in ​the ​2015 ​auditions. Has ​been ​playing ​various ​styles ​such ​as ​Jazz, ​Funk, ​Latin, ​Brazilian, RnB/Soul, ​Pop, ​Fusion, ​Blues, ​which ​also ​was ​means ​to ​becoming ​a regular ​performing ​musician.

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