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With the aim to become the hub of all artistic endeavours, the Jindal Art Institute was found by renowned Kuchipudi dancer and contributor Smt. Shallu Jindal. The institute came into being with the mission to spread far and wide the rich artistic heritage of India and make the message reach around the world that art brings peace, harmony, and self-fulfilment to all. Our institute is a platform where both the young and old can unfold their artistic dreams. We believe we can be instrumental in propagating and promulgating Indian Art and Culture within the country, and abroad as well, through regular trainings. We wish to encourage artistic lifestyle as a way forward for peaceful living.


The most fruitful of trainings, classes, and workshops, with the best of artists will let the students learn and explore the various art forms and discover their hidden talents. While on one hand, art forms can play a very vital role in bringing about peace and brotherhood among the masses, they on the other hand, can also be influential in helping people achieve and unleash their true potential. The Jindal Art Institute offers classes in Kuchipudi, Kathak, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Zumba, Yoga, Theatre, Vocal Music, Piano, Guitar, Tabla, Flute, and many more. In the future, the Centre plans to offer scholarships to underprivileged students so as to enable them to adopt classical art forms as a career option and spread the same around the world.

Founder: Shallu Jindal


Ms. Shallu Jindal, Kuchipudi Danseuse & Social Contributor

Ms. Shallu Jindal A disciple of Padmavibhushan Gurus Raja Radha Reddy & Kaushalya Reddy, is a highly accomplished Kuchipudi danseuse and a noted social contributor. She has been honoured with many awards for her outstanding achievements in the field of Indian classical dance (Kuchipudi) and contribution in the field of art and culture, education and community development. Eradication of illiteracy, women empowerment, art & cultural awareness is closest to her heart.


She has compiled books like Tiranga, My Life, My Words and Freedom. She has authored her first book for children titled “India: An Alphabet Ride”,

She is the Co-Chairperson of JSPL Foundation, Chairperson of the National Bal Bhawan, Vice President of the ‘Flag Foundation of India’, and also the Founder President of Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO). As part of the delegation aimed at creating awareness for cancer, Mrs. Shallu Jindal successfully scaled one of the seven summits of the world in Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Smt Shallu Jindal has opened Jindal art institute,in India’s Capital Delhi with the aim of spreading far and wide the rich artistic heritage of India and world with the masses. Jindal Art Institute just like it’s acronym JAI is a salute to all art forms , thereby helping in popularizing, creating awareness and preserving our cultural and artistic heritage in India as well as abroad.

Her motto in life: Whatever we do, our time on earth should be meaningful.

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