Lyrical Contemporary

A combination of modern, jazz, lyrical, as well as classical ballet, the Contemporary style of dance is one of the most recently found forms of dance. With fluid dance movements, dancers of this style strive to connect the mind and the body. 

Trainer: Sadhya Artistic Director Santosh Nair

Days: Tue & Thu
Timings: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Fee: INR 3500/Month

About Sadhya

With twenty years of experience, Sadhya has created a niche in contemporary dance. Sadhya’s work has been celebrated across India and well received worldwide. Under the aegis, of its Artistic Director, Santosh Nair, Sadhya has created contemporary productions reflecting a unique style of its own.
It has collaborated with artists and dance companies from around the world to create new work that pushes boundaries.
It believes in nurturing young talent, creating platforms and providing a direction for their artistic future.

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