Odissi is an ancient Indian dance form from the eastern coastal state of India which owes its origin to the temple dances of the Devadasis. It comprises of an illustrative storytelling of mythical & religious stories, devotional poems, spiritual ideas emoted through expressive movements by the dancer.

Trainer: Vidushi Kavita Dwivedi

Days: Wed & Fri
Timings: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Fee: INR 3500 Per Month

About Vidushi Kavita Dwivedi

Vidushi Kavita Dwivedi is well known for her complete dedication to the Odissi with a traditional and innovative approach to this wonderful dance form from Orissa.Kavita Dwibedi has now started an institution, Odissi Akademi, Delhi which is working for the development and growth of Odissi dance.
Kavita is known for her versatile dance style and excellent abhinaya, some of the most vital things needed to be a good Odissi dancer.
Kavita Dwibedi has travelled a lot throughout the world and given memorable Odissi dance performance at various countries. One of her most successful international dance tours was the Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR) sponsored performance tour to various countries like Denmark, U.K., Italy, Sweden, Finland, Ireland etc to celebrate 50th anniversary of India’s independence in 1997. Kavita Dwibedi has been highly appreciated for her captivating performance at various international events in a number of countries.
A dancer of deep commitment towards an undiluted and authentic approach to Odissi, Kavita is credited with a number of new choreographies based on traditional chhanda music of Orissa like the much lauded Ritu – Rang (Seasons of Love) and Proshitapatika (Naayika longing for her beloved Naayak). Her other landmarks in choreography are Saptatala Dhyaan, Khajuraho Vaibhav and Jugalbandis with Manipuri, Bharatanatyam and Kathak

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