Bollywood Choreography- Semi Classical

The dance form used in Indian films is called the Bollywood Dance Form.  It is a mixture of numerous styles. Indian or western, kathak or belly dancing, this dance form is all about adding the filmy tadka to your moves.

Trainer: Sampriti M Chauhan

Days: Sat & Sun
Timings: 10 AM -11 AM
Fee: INR 3500/Month

About Sampriti M Chauhan

Sampriti M Chauhan is a graduate in kathak dance, she is also a trained exponent of contemporary dance style where she tends to infuse Indian flavours of Chhau & Kalaripayattu. She is a trained folk dance artist and has to her credit knowledge and performance of various folk style too. She is also trained in Malaysian dances and such participated enthusiastically for “Tourism Malaysia” initiative. She has been a member of various performing arts groups of India like “Indian revival group”,”sadhya” etc.Being passionate about dancing, she had been performing choreographing different recitals for cultural programs within India as well as abroad.

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