1. Why J.A.I?

Jindal Art Institute is a one stop destination for all your creative learning dreams. Whether you wish to learn dance, music or theatre. Only one place you need to come. The amazing studios are a great place to learn and it definitely helps that our faculty of teachers is among the very best. The diversity in different art forms taught at JAI makes the institute one of its kind dream abode for any learner.


2. What is the monthly package for classes and how many classes will I get in a month?

The monthly package is different for each stream however the fees are most reasonable. Mostly our fee structure ranges between Rs 3500- Rs 5000/- for a month and number of classes between 8 to 12 classes per month as detailed in individual sections. The fees for Individual classes are different.


3. Can we change our dance form for another before the completion of an 8-class package

No. The classes are not transferable


4. Can I see the studio before i join your classes?

Yes, you can by all means visit our studio by making a prior appointment so we can ensure to give you individual time.


5. What is the minimum and maximum age group to join classes?

A child has to be at least 5 years old to be able to join our classes. We have no upper age limit to dancing with us.


6. Do i get a discount if I get more people to join?

We already have a fee structure that comes with a discount and so we don’t offer any extra discounts on classes.


7. Can we get a free trial class ?

No we dont give FREE trial classes however we have a drop-in class system. Please call us to understand the charges for same.
A drop in class is usually charged Rs. 500/- for group class. Individual customised classes have a unique fee structure.


8. Do I need to be of a certain weight, height to be able to join your classes?

Weight and height issues by no means can be a barrier to dance. However, if you are looking at losing weight or toning up, you will be happy to know that most movements in our classes help strengthen and tone your muscles.


9. Do you give performance opportunities to students if they have been training with you for some time?

Yes, we are planning to initiate an Annual Student Showcase where our regular batches will get a chance


10. If I miss a class, will I get compensated for the same?

Unfortunately, the classes you miss don’t get carried forward nor do we provide refunds. Unless it is a customised individual class


11. Can I join in as an instructor?

Certainly. Please send us your profile and we will get back to you at the earliest if it fits our requirements

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